Let’s talk a little about our 2020 …

Happy New Year to all! Yes, we are at the end of January 2021 and here, from Feet4Cash, we have decided to write just now the post celebrating the past year. We wanted to take some time to consider the most important things of 2020, which, despite the fatal events (which we will not name) also saw positive elements.

To make it easier, we have decided to divide this post into four main points.

1. The moment we felt most proud

Well, first of all, it made us very proud to be nominated for the second consecutive year at the YNOT Awards as Best Paysite Affiliate Program, in October.

But also some collaborations with established models and relevant paysites have certainly been a source of great pride (if you want the details…keep on reading).

2. Our biggest challenge

It was certainly a complicated year for everyone, but the most challenging moment was when we found ourselves having to suspend the shooting with the models. We didn’t know how long we should do it, so we had to figure out if our sites would have updates and, if so, how to intervene.

In the end, we were forced to stop for about a month and a half but the updates of the sites were not affected, as for each site, we normally have updates ready for the next 6 months.

3. The easiest thing for us

For us, the easiest thing was organizing the whole group in order to be able to work from home. Thanks to everyone’s great self-denial, excellent competence, and trust in each other, finding ourselves working from home did not in any way affect the performance of the entire Feet4Cash network.
We must admit that we are very lucky to have such a close-knit team, and we want to say a word to our extraordinary Sara, who managed communication with our customers in an impeccable way. Thanks, Sara!

4. The most important partnerships:

2020 saw two important collaborations with two very important sites: LoveHerFeet.com and OnlyAllSites.com

With both we have advertised each other, thus managing to make our sites known to a wider audience. With LoveHerFeet promotion within the respective member areas, with OnlyAllSites promotion via email.

A very important highlight of the past year was (and still is) the collaboration with Aurora Phoenix, an English model who contacted us to collaborate with us and then self-produced exclusive content for CosplayFeet and NylonFeetLove.

2020 was a difficult year, we all know that. BUT, thanks to you, especially you, we have had the strength to roll up our sleeves and continue to manage our sites with enthusiasm. We will also be close to you in 2021, always with quality content.

From your Feet4Cash team

Merry Christmas and happy 2021 from Feet4Cash

Needless to say, this has been a very tough year for everyone. Covid-19 changed the life of everyone, with bigger or smaller impacts…but it sure did hit everyone.

Feet4Cash was hit as everyone else, even though not as much: we had to stop shooting for a little more than a month, but managed to always keep our sites updated and our members happy.

Now that this year is coming to an end, we want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a delightful 2021, hoping it will be the year where things will get back as they are supposed to be.

Stay safe

The European Summit 2020 postponed due to COVID-19

As happened for all the other field events from last March onwards, the historical The European Summit that had to be held in Prague this fall was also forced to a difficult decision due to Covid-19.

The latest edition of the TES, the one that happened in Cascais last February, was the last event in the field to take place more or less regularly.
Although with some defections in the turnout, caused by the first news related to Covid-19, the participation (from February 28 to March 4) was, as always, characterized by excellent results in terms of business and networking.

As a yearly tradition, towards the middle of September, the Prague edition had to be held, notoriously the one with the greatest turnout and the best participation.
Bur, as happened to all other face-to-face events, Walter and Andreas, the founders and organizers of the TES, have had to deal with the pandemic that has gripped the whole world for almost the whole of 2020.

Even if it seemed that there were the conditions to organize the Show in Berlin for this fall, albeit with limitations subsequently, pushed by the increase in COVID-19 cases a little throughout Europe and to ensure the safety of all participants, Walter and Andreas have recently communicated that the next European summit will take place from 14 to 17 May 2021 in Prague. The March date of Cascais is therefore canceled.

The whole Feet4Cash team congratulates Andreas and Walter for having looked for a way to organize the event until the very end and, above all, for always putting the safety and the interest of the participants as a priority, thus arriving at a decision that is certainly painful.

Feet4cash announces the restart of the shootings

Firenze, 30.04.2020 – After the decision of the temporary stop of the shootings, due to the actual worldwide health situation, the Feet4Cash Team will be restart on May 4th, with particular caution, the photo shooting activities.

Despite the excitement of starting the activities, we are most passionate about, the recovery will be gradual and, at this stage, we will follow a series of very strict rules that follow both the dictates of the new law decree and the precautions to safeguard the safety of our models and our staff.

In details:

  • We will involve only models residing within the Tuscany region
  • The photo shooting will take place with only one model 
  • The location, as well as the equipment, clothing, and all the objects will be completely sanitized before and after each shooting
  • Our staff will wear gloves and masks during the shooting
  • The model will be required to wear gloves and masks at all times, except of course during the shooting itself
  • The shots will take into account the social distancing, for which will be privileged scenes with a fixed camera and wide-field shots, possibly using the zoom where necessary 
  • At the moment we will only shoot scenes and videos that won’t involve any risk of contagion

We are very happy to start working again with our models, and we want to remember that we are always looking for new talents. To all the models who live in Tuscany and want to be part of our team, please contact us to apply for the shootings. Our aim is to support the models as freelance workers who, in this particular period, are facing problems related to missed gigs

The shootings’ stop did not cause any interruptions or slowdown in the updates of our sites, and we are very proud of this. Our long-term planning has made sure to reap the benefits now

Important communication from Feet4Cash due to the actual health situation and Corona Virus

Firenze, 16.03.2020

After closely monitoring the recent developments regarding the Corona Virus COVID-19, the Feet4Cash management took an important decision regarding the next events on the site itself.

The shootings with our models will be suspended for the next few weeks.

The health of our models is very important, not only as collaborators but also and above all as part of the Feet4Cash family. This is why we have to protect them and to suspend each new shooting.

However, our sites will still be constantly updated, to keep you company in this difficult period. Our newsletters will update you about new published videos and photos.

The Feet4Cash team remains available for any clarification and wishes you all (and us) to stay healthy.

Stay Safe!