Feet4Cash announces the possibility to buy single videos and new affiliate opportunities

25/10/2021, Florence – FeetCash announces the opening of its own Clipstore and the possibility for any user to buy individual videos from it.

The decision, recently taken by the Feet4Cash Team, was made to meet the growing demand and need of users to access the site’s material without necessarily committing to a monthly membership subscription.

From today, in fact, all visitors of VrFootFetish will have the possibility to choose between purchasing a membership with immediate access to all the contents, or the choice of purchasing single videos that interest them most.

“We always listen to the opinions of our members and potential users – says Massimiliano Bonelli, co-founder of Feet4Cash – not only in terms of content but also in terms of product. We are absolutely proud of what we produce, that we want to make our work accessible to more people ”. And he continues “we are in fact convinced that there is a substantial part of customers who still have problems of trust in purchasing a membership but who, accustomed to the numerous clipstores on the market, do not mind buying one or more videos all at once”.

This decision will have an impact not only on those who have always wanted to buy the material on Feet4Cash, but it will also be a new opportunity for the site’s affiliates.

The affiliates of Feet4Cash, in fact, will immediately have the opportunity to advertise not only the membership but can also expand the offer to the ClipStore, which has a targeted structure and address, in order to monetize a different type of traffic compared to the membership site customers.

All Feet4Cash affiliates can immediately start monetizing the new site, getting 50% on all sales as always.

A closer look at our latest FHG Galleries

Every week we publish new FHG galleries in the affiliates’ area of Feet4Cash, always giving you new ways to bring traffic to our sites. Today we want to give a closer look at some of the latest ones, featuring some of our best girls.

Starting from NylonFeetLove, which is aimed at guys who love feet in stockings and pantyhose, we can’t avoid bringing attention to our latest Elettra’s gallery, where she shows off her long and flexible legs wearing a nice pair of stockings.

For guys into barefoot girls, we can’t stress enough the beauty of Katy and Stella‘s latest galleries. One is the perfect girl next door, whereas Stella winks to those with a tattoo fetish as well.

Katy is also featured in a very interesting and unique CosplayFeet gallery, where she poses with the official outfit of the football team Milan. So if you want to target football fans who are into foot fetish, this is the one to send them to.

Last but not least, for TransFeet you have a gallery of one of the most famous T-girls out there: the one and only Jamie French. In this one, she’s wearing a perfect pair of black stockings, and she is naughty as ever.

These are just a few examples of the galleries you’ll find inside the Feet4Cash affiliate’s area, so just log in and grab all the links to them! And, of course, if you have any specific requests don’t hesitate to contact us.

Everything you need to know to get the most from all links to our sites

Now that we finally have our own affiliate program based on NATS, there are a ton of things you can do to optimize the way you promote our sites.

One of the most powerful options we now offer you is the ability to customize every link to our sites (or to our FHG galleries): let’s see them in detail.

Where to get the main link

Let’s start from the basics: from your affiliate dashboard, click on “Ad Tools” on top, then select “Linkcodes”. There you’ll have the list of all links to the available sites for you to promote. There are a few options you can set (like create a campaign), but for this article let’s focus on the “hidden” options. So just take one of the links mentioned here, and apply any of the tips and tricks we are going to explain below.

Link directly to the join page

If you want to link directly to the join page of the site, simply add /join at the end of the link.

Link to any page of the site’s tour

To bring the user to any page of the free tour, add at the end of the link everything that in the target URL comes after /tour/

Automatic campaign creation

Instead of creating the campaign inside your affiliate dashboard, you can quickly add at the end of your URL something like ?autocamp=camp1,camp2 This will automatically assign the campaign “camp1,camp2” that specific link, and also create three different Traffic tags for those three words. This will give you the ability to easily categorize your traffic by campaign and traffic tag. You can of course specify more words, you are not just limited to two as in this example.
Note: this also works on our FHG links!

This wraps up for this article, follow our blog for more traffic optimization tips and, as usual, don’t hesitate to contact us for any doubt or specific need you might have to promote our sites: let’s make money together!

Feet4cash renews its affiliate program, thanks NATS

After a long integration process that lasted about two months, finally Feet4Cash is ready to welcome its affiliates in the new NATS platform.

The decision has been made in order to support the affiliates with better tools to monitor and optimize traffic, and, after a long selection, the choice focussed on NATS, the leading product in the sector produced by TooMuchMedia

One of the new features for Feet4Cash affiliates will also be the possibility to receive payments via PAXUM.

“It was finally time to take this step” says Massimiliano Bonelli, co-founder of Feet4Cash “we want to finally guarantee our affiliates all the tools to optimize their traffic and be more successful with us”

I have been keeping an eye on the Feet4Cash journey for a few years now, and was in contact with Massimiliano for a while,” says John Mauser, director of Sales and Marketing for TooMuchMedia.
He continues “Massimiliano knew he could count on us anytime, and when he reached me out saying Feet4Cash was ready to jump on NATS, it didn’t take me long to put open his account with us. I was thrilled”

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Feet4Cash migrates to NATS: everything you need to know

Updated on April 9th 2021: Your username will be the same you used when registering on CCBill, your rebills will be paid from us from now on.

Since 2008 our affiliate program has been based on the platform offered by CCBill. The platform has always worked flawlessly, affiliate payments have always been smooth and we can’t just say good things about CCBill. But the time has come for a change, it is time to offer something more to all our affiliates.

In the coming weeks, we will complete the transition to the best-known and most modern affiliate platform, used by thousands of networks around the world: NATS.
In this article, we want to summarize everything our affiliates need to know about this migration.

Do I need to change my links?

This was our first concern as soon as we decided to take this path.
We have worked hard together with the TooMuchMedia support team to make sure that all your links continue to work without you having to do anything.
Your affiliate account on the new platform will already be there waiting for you when we will complete the migration, and all your links will continue to work without any need for modification. Although, of course, to take full advantage of the features of the new platform (such as creating campaigns) you will need to generate new links.

Do I need to re-register?

We will take care of creating your account on the new platform. All you have to do is log-in and verify that your details (especially payment details) are correct.

What happens to my rebills on CCBill?

The rebills you have acquired on CCBill will continue to be counted on our platform instead of CCBill, so that you’ll be able to reach your minimum for the payout quickly!

How will I get paid?

This is one of the main innovations that, we are sure, will make many webmasters happy. The forms of payment available will in fact be two: Paxum and Bank Transfer
Once you have reached the minimum amount for payment, you will need to send us an invoice (an example will be available on the site) in order to allow us to immediately proceed with the dispatch of the balance.

When will the migration take place?

We are completing all the complex system configuration operations, but we think that within a few weeks we should be able to complete the switch. We will send an email to all affiliates when this happens and, in any case, on our site you will find, instead of the usual login with the affiliate code, a link to the new platform.

What will be my access data to the new site?

The username will be the same you used when registering on CCBill. As for the password, just use the “Forgot Password” option to get a new one.

That’s all folks, for now!

Obviously don’t hesitate to contact us with any doubts and questions.
Our team is here for you!

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How to link to any page of our sites

IMPORTANT: This article is outdated. Since we’ve moved to our new affiliate system, please refer to this article in order to get the most out of your links to our sites.

One of the most important things to convert any kind of traffic is to bring users exactly to what they like and want to see. It’s pointless for a guy who’s looking for feet in pantyhose, to land on a page where all he can see are feet in pantyhose. It could work, sure, but it’s not the most optimized way of converting the user.

We’ve recently finished the migration of all our sites to a bran new CMS that, among other things, allows you to link to any page of the site’s tour, and still get the referral for the eventual sale.

All you have to do is to add, at the end of the URL, this simple code:


Easy, isn’t it?

And here are the single pages you can link to:

  • Scene
  • Model
  • Tag
  • Category
  • Models list
  • Videos list
  • Photos list

Basically, all our sites follow the same structure but, if in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us. As always, we are here to help you promote our sites!

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3 Reasons why you need to start promoting our VR site

We started producing VR video almost two years ago, and since then we have invested time and resources to improve our product more and more. Today, VRFootFetish is a consolidated reality among our members and the continuous positive feedback leads us to affirm, without fear of being proven wrong, that VrFootFetish.com is today our best converting product.

If you haven’t started promoting VR yet, and especially VrFootFetish, we want to give you 3 reasons why you should start today.

VR users are used to spending more

This is perhaps the main reason any affiliate should promote VR. Users who buy a VR device are ready to spend $ 200 (on average) for a device with which to play and watch videos in an innovative way.
It is not a “necessary” purchase, but one of those purchases that only an enthusiast with a certain financial availability is ready to make. Spending $ 20 on a subscription to a site is definitely not a problem for such users.

VR is a niche

Anyone knows that niches have multiple advantages when it comes to conversions (we have talked about it several times on this blog), and VR is still a niche. A “technological” niche with a lot of fans waiting to receive news, updates, and previews.
This is the time to offer them what they are looking for, right now that the competition for sites of this type is less.

VR is here to stay

In the recent past, we have all experienced the failure of technology like 3D in cinema, and many think that VR will have a similar destiny. 

Well, such a view is simply belied by the facts.
Every year the number of people who buy devices in VR increases, and even in 2020, despite the pandemic, the number of users has skyrocketed.
This is not a fad, VR is here to stay.

As you can see, if you haven’t started dealing with VR on your site yet, you are leaving some money on the table and you have no justification for not starting today.
Dive into this new adventure, Feet4Cash will be by your side providing you with all the tools you need to better convert your VR traffic.

Cover photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

A closer look at our latest FHG Galleries

It’s that time of the month, when we take a look together at the latest FHG Galleries we’ve published: as you know, we publish new ones every week, so there are pretty a lot of them to have a look at!

This month we decided to give you a huge variety of models in our galleries, and the list of included ones is pretty endless: Tecla, DollyC, Katy, Simoncina, Mistress Alexya, Elettra, Petra, Janelle, Goddess Ambra, Irina Vega, Daniela,
Chiara, Mayla. And, for TransFeet, Wanessa, Violet, Mona Vela and Amanda.

As you can see, there are plenty to choose from: you can go with the sweet and teen look of Tecla and DollyC, or a more sexy one with Elettra and Katy. If you prefer a bit more dominant style, we suggest Goddess Ambra and Janelle’s galleries and, for anything else, please be sure to get in touch with us. We love to work together with our affiliates!

So here’s the complete list, and remember that inside Feet4Cash affiliates’ area you’ll find them with your CCBILL Id already filled in.

NylonFeetLove (nylon feet fetish)


FootFetishBeauties (barefoot fetish)


NylonUp (hardcore nylon fetish)


TransFeet (shemale, t-girls hardcore foot fetish)


PetraFeet (solo girl)


CosplayFeet (Foot Fetish Cosplay)


Here are our latest Free Hosted Galleries

Every week we upload new FHG galleries for our most important sites, and here’s a brief review of the latest galleries we added recently.

All our most famous models are featured in this update, but we’d like to put some emphasis on Chiara and Stella performing a fantastic lesbian foot worship scene for FootFetishBeauties.com, Elisè dressed as the hottest nurse ever clip and, as usual, some breathtaking videos of our exclusive star Petra Feet.

As usual, you’ll find inside Feet4Cash affiliates’ area these links with your affiliate ID already filled in. Also check out your e-mail, as we’ve just sent out our newsletter!

NylonFeetLove (nylon feet fetish)

FootFetishBeauties (barefoot fetish)

CosplayFeet (Foot Fetish Cosplay)

NylonUp (hardcore nylon fetish)

TransFeet (shemale, t-girls hardcore foot fetish)

PetraFeet (solo girl)

BalletFlatsFetish (Fetish for Ballet flats)

A look at our latest FHG Galleries

Here we are with our usual look at the latest FHG galleries just added to our affiliate program.

CosplayFeet features another naked gallery, with Pamela Strong e Lara Blonde as a teacher and sexy schoolgirl. This is something to keep in mind: CosplayFeet and FootFetishBeauties, from time to time, will feature naked scenes. It’s something new from our old “always no nude” content, and we are confident this will help your conversions big time!

Other than that, the usual hot content featuring our star Petra, the sexy Chiara, and the lovely Bianca. For TransFeet, Eva Joi for sure is the star of this update!

Following here all the links to the latest galleries, simply log into the affiliate area to grab the links ready with your affiliate code in them

NylonFeetLove (nylon feet fetish)

FootFetishBeauties (barefoot fetish)

CosplayFeet (Foot Fetish Cosplay)

NylonUp (hardcore nylon fetish)

TransFeet (shemale, t-girls hardcore foot fetish)

PetraFeet (solo girl)

BalletFlatsFetish (Fetish for Ballet flats)