Feet4Cash announces the possibility to buy single videos and new affiliate opportunities

25/10/2021, Florence – FeetCash announces the opening of its own Clipstore and the possibility for any user to buy individual videos from it.

The decision, recently taken by the Feet4Cash Team, was made to meet the growing demand and need of users to access the site\’s material without necessarily committing to a monthly membership subscription.

From today, in fact, all visitors of VrFootFetish will have the possibility to choose between purchasing a membership with immediate access to all the contents, or the choice of purchasing single videos that interest them most.

“We always listen to the opinions of our members and potential users – says Massimiliano Bonelli, co-founder of Feet4Cash – not only in terms of content but also in terms of product. We are absolutely proud of what we produce, that we want to make our work accessible to more people ”. And he continues \”we are in fact convinced that there is a substantial part of customers who still have problems of trust in purchasing a membership but who, accustomed to the numerous clipstores on the market, do not mind buying one or more videos all at once\”.

This decision will have an impact not only on those who have always wanted to buy the material on Feet4Cash, but it will also be a new opportunity for the site\’s affiliates.

The affiliates of Feet4Cash, in fact, will immediately have the opportunity to advertise not only the membership but can also expand the offer to the ClipStore, which has a targeted structure and address, in order to monetize a different type of traffic compared to the membership site customers.

All Feet4Cash affiliates can immediately start monetizing the new site, getting 50% on all sales as always.

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